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Fly Lines - Overstock Fly Lines for sale $20 each

Made in the USA, these fly fishing lines are by far the best bang for your buck. They are produced by the best fly line manufacturers in the world, but my confidentiality agreements with them prevent me from telling you who they are. Not that it matters, the first time you cast one of these fly lines you will feel the quality.

In your local fly shop, these lines sell upwards of $90 each, but until July 1st, 2015, they are only $20 each - including Spey lines. The price includes taxes, and shipping charges to any town, city, village or hovel in Canada and the USA.

These are not mill end lines. They are not 'seconds.' They are overstock lines. Most fly line manufactures have to 'do a run' of 1,000 lines. If a customer only needs 600, they will put the extra 400 lines into storage. Quite often on their next order, the customer will change the profile of the line, which leaves the 400 lines as overstock. Those are the lines I have for sale. Overstock fly lines. Not seconds. Not mill end lines.

The fly lines are not fire damaged, nor old stock lines which have been sitting on a pallet in the back of a warehouse since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The lines are not cracked, they are not dried out and they won't look like a Slinky when you cast them.

These are lines I have in stock. If the name has a strike through it, I am out. Simple as that. At some point I will go to some pull down menus for this, but it won't be before Christmas! So, this will do for now.

In Stock - $20 Fly Lines

Level: (Perfect for making your own shooting heads!)
Running Line 0.036

Clear Intermediate:
(Not just for stillwater. Great for streamer fishing. Can be used in saltwater.)

Intermediate Coloured Lines

Shooting Taper Sink (10mt):

Shooting Taper Floating/Intermediate sint tip (10mt):

Shooting Taper Floating (10mt)

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Our Code Of Ethics: Insect & Bug Photography
All the bugs are photographed 'in the wild' by my daughter or myself. We shoot the creatures 'as we find them,' and we do not stage the shots. We do not manipulate the creatures by moving them from one location to another just so that we can 'get a better shot.' We do not put them on ice to slow them down, and we do not, as some bug photographers do, shake them up in a glass jar to make the bugs disoriented so that they stay in one spot. When we are shooting them, the bugs are free to scurry off when every they want. We photograph a lot of spiders, because, well, there are a lot of spiders in our garden, and we like it that way! Oh and there will be a lot of rootmaggot fly pics as we have a lot of those in the garden, which, now I think about it, might be why we have so many spiders.

If you are an intergalactic, time travelling, insect identification expert, and you can see I may have misidentified some of the creatures, let me know. I'll make the changes, and, where legal, I'll send you a cookie for your efforts. Oh if you can positivly ID some of the bugs, don't forget to include the scientific names. They do look trendy on a photograph.


**** Overlining or Underlining your Fly Rod ****
The fly line weight written on your rod is a guide. It is a recommendation. It is not carved in stone. Sometimes a 5wt rod will 'cast better' if you overline it by using a 6wt line. On the other hand, sometimes the same 5wt rod will cast better if you underline it by use a 4wt line. Much of it depends on your casting stroke, your casting style, your build and how much caffeine you were drinking before you picked up the fly rod. At $20 a line, you can afford to try something new, and to see if switching up a line size, or down a line size, will make your cast zing.

















Fly Line Colors Will Vary

The fly line colors are, 'whatever is at the top of the box when you order one.'
The majority of the lines are the same colors of the lines you see every day on the river, but there are a few custom dyed colors. If you want me to try and pick out your favorite color when you order a line, it will cost you an extra $10 per fly line. I'd rather be fishing than going through boxes and boxes of fly lines.

When you purchase one of my fly lines, if you don't like it, simply send it back and I'll replace it. You can read more about this on the returns page.

Try Something New
$20 per line makes it affordable for you to try out a different line on your favorite rod. Perhaps your 5 wt rod will cast better by going up or down a line weight from the line you are currently using. Now you can find out.

Out with the Old - In with the New
Using a worn out fly line is like suffering from perpetual jet lag. Your casting becomes sloppy, you 'work far too hard' to get the line out and it makes it difficult to catch fish. Who wants a day like that on the water? $20 will change that.

Fishing Guides
Professional guides are the backbone of fly fishing. I know you go through a lot of lines. Check the guides page (here) and I may be abe to help you out.

In Stock - $20 Fly Lines

Spey Shooter
8/9 Floating
9/10 Floating
12/13 Floating

Switch Line

Bonefish Line

Weight Forward Floating

Weight Forward Floating- 5ft intermediate sink tip

Double Taper Floating
DT-3-F - sold out
DT-4-F - sold out

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February 17th Update

Happy Spring!

The warm weather is making me pull out the gear and shine it all up for the first trip to the river.

While we are all anxious to get out there stay safe everyone if you are near the river.

Here's a trick for attaching your new fly line to your reel. Simply use an old tube or a rolled up bit of thin cardboard to hold the line. (click)

Thank you for all the messages saying you liked the service and the fly lines! I've thought about it, and I am not going to add testimonials to the website because, well, you never know if the testimonial is real or not. You know the sort of thing, "Bubba's pizza is the best pizza in town. And I don't know Bubba." Suuuure you don't. If you are happy with the service you received, please tell your friends about the business. If you flyfish, you probably know at least two other folk who flyfish and the chances are they may need to upgrade a fly line or two. Not unless you are Bubba, because you are probably far too busy making pizza to wet a line. To those of you who have passed along the website, "Thank You!!!!!!!!!"