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I'm not sure why I built this page.
I could have put all of this information on the front page.
I got on a roll working in Dreamweaver, and I got carried away.

The best way to contact me would be to drop me an e-mail.
I don't text.

Email Susan:

Cell: I'm working at geting a super cool number.

MySnail Mail Address:

Fly Lines
P.O. Box 30003
Forest Glen
N2E 3W0

In the Header: Peacock and Red Nymph

Oliver Kite's Bare Hook Nymph has always fascinated me. A few wraps of copper wire and the fly is finished. I've caught a lot of fish on the Bare Hook Nymph, so I used the pattern as inspiration for my Peacock and Red Nymph.
I find #16-#18 work the best for trout, and #12-#14 for carp.

Peacock and Red Nymph
Hook: Grub
Sizes: #12 to #20
Thread: Tan or black
Body: Red copper wire
Rib: Peacock herl


For the Record
My daughter took all the photos on the website for her high school photography project. I tied all the flies, and I built the website using Dreamweaver.