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$20 Overstock Fly Lines - Guides Pricing

Fly fishing guides develope new techniques and new fly patterns, which help the average fly fisherman, like me, catch more fish. I know guides burn through a lot of fly lines, so this is my chance to say thank you.

If you are a full time fly fishing guide, I can help you with a bulk purchase when you are renewing your fly lines. I am trying to help out the full time guides who are on the water day in and day out, not the 'weekend guides.'
To qualify for a bulk purchase, you need to meet these three criteria.

1. You must be a full time guide. If you drive an ice cream truck, and guide
four times a year, you are not a full time guide.

2. Full time guides carry insurance. You will have to provide me with proof of insurance.

3. You must have been a full time guide for at least 3 years.

If you are a full time guide, use this e-mail link and I will help you out.

E-mail: I am a full time guide and I could do with a break.

In the Header: Fiery Brown Wet Fly

I love fishing soft hackle wets and I am a huge fan of fiery brown seal's fur.
This soft hackle is one of my favorites.

Fiery Brown Wet Fly
Hook: Grub
Sizes: #12 to #20
Thread: Brown
Tag: Copper wire
Rib: Copper wire
Body: Fiery Brown seal's fur
Hackle: Hen saddle, brown