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$20 Overstock Fly Lines - Privacy Policy

Everyone likes their privacy, and, sadly, there is not a lot of it online.

When you purchase fly lines from me, your privacy is safe. I am not going to send you a bunch of newsletters, e-mail blasts and invitations to events you do not want to attend. Oh and I am not going to pass on your e-mail address to anyone.

I will only use your contact information to fill your order and send out your fly lines. I am not going to keep any of your information. There is no point.

When you want to purchase some more fly lines from me, simply send me an e-mail.

In the Header: Black Gnat variant

I love this fly.
It never fails to turn a trout or two.

Black Gnat variant
Hook: Grub
Sizes: #14 to #22
Body: Black thread
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle: Black hen saddle