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$20 Overstock Fly Lines - My Return Policy

If you are not happy with your fly line purchase, I'll replace the lines.
Here's what to do.

1. When you receive delivery of your fly lines, you have to send me an e-mail to let me know what the issue is. You should be able to figure this out when you open the package, and you have 7 days to do so.

2. I'll reply to your e-mail and we will try to resolve things. If you want to send the lines back that's fine, but you have to pay the shipping charge. The lines have to be unused and in their original package. If the lines have been used, I can't replace them.

3. When I receive the returned lines you have two options.
3a. I'll send you a full refund for your original order.
3b. I will send you a second batch of lines, and I will pay the shipping on the second batch of lines I send you.

(4.If required.) If you are unhappy with the second batch of lines, then clearly I am not the person you need to purchase fly lines from. Send the lines back, and again, you need to pay the shipping to get the lines back to me. When I receive the lines (again, unused and it their original package) I will send you a full refund for your original order.

In the Header: The Ovipositing Caddis

I love fishing this fly.
It's a great searching pattern.
I'm not sure where I picked up the pattern, but here is the dressing for it.

The Ovipositing Caddis
Hook: Dry Fly
Sizes: #14 to #18
Body: A dubbing mixture of hare's mask and chopped up deer hair
Wing: Fine deer hair tips or elk hair tips
Antenna: A few strands of teal flank or mallard flank
Head: Hare's mask fur